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Who We Are

Funding interests of Animal Grantmakers’ growing membership cover the full spectrum of animal species and issue areas, including companion animals, captive and free-ranging wildlife, farmed animals, and animals used in research, among others.

Animal Grantmakers welcomes funders with animal protection, welfare, and rights perspectives. Our members support animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries, as well as other organizations that advance spay/neuter and other forms of animal population control, humane education, wildlife protection and rehabilitation, alternatives to factory farming and animal testing, minimization of pain and suffering, and many other programmatic areas.

Member Organizations

If you’re interested in learning more about individual Animal Grantmakers member organizations and their funding priorities and programs, please visit their respective websites, which are included in the Member Organizations Listing. Please note that Animal Grantmakers itself does NOT award funds to other organizations.

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Board of Directors

Animal Grantmakers is led by a Board of Directors elected by members at its Annual Meeting. The 2023 Board consists of:

Larry Green
Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control

"My involvement with Animal Grantmakers has opened my eyes to the vast and nuanced aspects of animal welfare. The knowledge I have gained better equips me to understand how the mutualist perspective informs how we better support animals, both domestic and wild. As I interact with Animal Grantmakers members, I am encouraged by the generosity of spirit and collaboration that exists in the pursuit of the protection of all animals."

Bill Nimmo
Tigers in America

"Animal Grantmakers plays an essential role in the animal protection movement by bringing together foundations with a shared purpose and demonstrated effectiveness. The collective experience and willingness to work together is quite remarkable, and we are proud to be a part of it."

Melanie Anderson
Summerlee Foundation

"The creation of an organization like Animal Grantmakers was a dream of mine since the early 1990s while observing leaders from national animal protection organizations attempt to work together to advance their separate, but equally important missions. Animal Grantmakers could also create a forum in which we would advance the protection and wellbeing of not only animals in need, but also the organizations dedicated to protecting them. This is difficult, emotionally draining, and challenging work, and Animal Grantmakers provides a critical place for sharing, collaboration, advancing collective wisdom, and support."

Kate Atema
PetSmart Charities

"Being a part of Animal Grantmakers has allowed me to expand my learning in animal welfare and understand at a greater level the impact we can all have on our world. I really enjoy the conferences because they always foster great conversation, collaboration, and growth in our industry."

Lori Grange
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

"Animal Grantmakers makes me better informed and better equipped to succeed in my work. It provides a unique forum and safe space for funders to learn, share, and collaborate. It serves as an important collective voice. And it raises the visibility and importance of animal protection in the broader philanthropic sector—creating opportunities to partner with funders not in this space. My foundation and I feel privileged to be part of this group."

Melissa Rubin
Greater Good Charities

"Animal Grantmakers is a unique space for members of the animal grantmaking community all over the world to learn, connect, and collaborate. The collective expertise and knowledge resident in Animal Grantmakers brings very useful and balanced perspectives to members’ work. Being a part of this group keeps me up to date on the latest issues impacting grantmaking and animal welfare, making me a more effective animal funder."

Maggie Tauranac
GRACE Communications Foundation

"Animal Grantmakers has been integral in evolving my understanding of the intricacies within animal funding. While the work I do has been primarily focused on farmed animals, the connections and collaboration that have come from Animal Grantmakers have shone light on the many ways our work in protecting animals, people, and the planet are intertwined, and how none of our work exists in a vacuum. We are lucky to have one another to learn from, and I feel especially privileged to have a voice within this community, and greatly value the collaboration and shared learning Animal Grantmakers provides."

Kathy Tietje
 Morris Animal Foundation

"Animal Grantmakers is a collaborative community organized around the many aspects of animal welfare. I’m privileged to have the opportunity to learn from thought leaders in the Animal Grantmakers community, and have a role in applying that knowledge to improve both the health and welfare of animals."

Vince Wong
Michelson Found Animals Foundation

"Animal Grantmakers is a critical nexus linking grantmaking organizations, coalescing groups to support the education and knowledge of its members, and helping bolster the development of our community’s leaders. I am thrilled to witness and be a part of its growth and evolution."

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