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Who We Are

Funding interests of Animal Grantmakers’ growing membership cover the full spectrum of animal species and issue areas, including companion animals, captive and free-ranging wildlife, farmed animals, and animals used in research, among others.

Animal Grantmakers welcomes funders with animal protection, welfare, and rights perspectives. Our members support animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries, as well as other organizations that advance spay/neuter and other forms of animal population control, humane education, wildlife protection and rehabilitation, alternatives to factory farming and animal testing, minimization of pain and suffering, and many other programmatic areas.*

*Any organization, giving entity, program, or vehicle, or individual that is not eligible for regular membership, but is interested in supporting the mission of Animal Grantmakers, as well as increasing their impact on behalf of animals, is eligible to become an Associate Member.

Member Organizations

If you’re interested in learning more about individual Animal Grantmakers member organizations and their funding priorities and programs, please visit their respective websites, which are included in the Member Organizations Listing. Please note that Animal Grantmakers itself does NOT award funds to other organizations.

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Board of Directors

Animal Grantmakers is led by a Board of Directors elected by members at its Annual Meeting. The 2023 Board consists of:

Larry Green
Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control

"My involvement with Animal Grantmakers has opened my eyes to the vast and nuanced aspects of animal welfare. The knowledge I have gained better equips me to understand how the mutualist perspective informs how we better support animals, both domestic and wild. As I interact with Animal Grantmakers members, I am encouraged by the generosity of spirit and collaboration that exists in the pursuit of the protection of all animals."

Kathy Tietje
Morris Animal Foundation

"Animal Grantmakers is a collaborative community organized around the many aspects of animal welfare. I’m privileged to have the opportunity to learn from thought leaders in the Animal Grantmakers community, and have a role in applying that knowledge to improve both the health and welfare of animals."

Rory Adams
PetSmart Charities

“I am excited to be a new board member of Animal Grantmakers. I look forward to exploring new ideas for how we might support future leaders, heal injustices, facilitate the inclusion of historically marginalized people, and celebrate the love between people, animals, and our habitats. I am committed to promoting the well-being of animals and supporting animal charities and organizations, and I am honored to be a part of this unique and influential organization.”

Bethany Heins
Best Friends Animal Society

“Animal Grantmakers unites a dedicated community of individuals with a shared passion for safeguarding a diverse range of animal species on a global scale, extending their commitment both inside and outside the United States. While my primary focus lies in the realm of sheltered companions, Animal Grantmakers provides a gateway to diverse philanthropic endeavors aimed at supporting all animals. The organization offers a priceless opportunity to connect with a cohort of like-minded members, fostering a collaborative environment where knowledge is exchanged and shared, enriching our collective impact.”

Gina Knepp
Michelson Found Animals Foundation

“Being a member of Animal Grantmakers is an exciting and refreshing opportunity for collaboration in the animal grantmaking space. Agencies across the country, large and small, urban and rural, all rely heavily on the philanthropic efforts of organizations such as ours. Participation in this organization not only saves the lives of the animals we all care about, but also the humans at the other end of the leash.”

Louisa McCune
Kirkpatrick Foundation

“Animal Grantmakers is one of my very favorite organizations. Of all the groups I work with, this one has refined my understanding about animal protection the most and lends to my own expertise in the subject area. It’s also small enough that the network of funders can genuinely engage with one another and make substantive progress in our respective communities.”

Melissa Rubin
Greater Good Charities

"Animal Grantmakers is a unique space for members of the animal grantmaking community all over the world to learn, connect, and collaborate. The collective expertise and knowledge resident in Animal Grantmakers brings very useful and balanced perspectives to members’ work. Being a part of this group keeps me up to date on the latest issues impacting grantmaking and animal welfare, making me a more effective animal funder."

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