Who We Are

Animal Grantmakers began in 1999 as a voluntary association of foundations and organizations that provide grants to benefit animals. Our growing membership includes more than 30 foundations and grantmaking organizations. Animal Grantmakers is recognized as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. If you are seeking funds, please note that Animal Grantmakers does not make grants. 


Funding interests of current members of Animal Grantmakers cover the entire spectrum of animal species and issue areas, including companion animals, captive and free-ranging wildlife, farmed animals and animals used in research. Animal Grantmakers includes funders with animal-protection, welfare and rights perspectives. Our members support animal shelters and sanctuaries, spay/neuter clinics and other forms of animal population control, humane education, wildlife protection and injured animal rehabilitation, alternatives to factory farming, improved status for great apes, minimization of pain and suffering to laboratory animals, and many other fields of interest.

Animal Grantmakers is led by a Board of Directors elected by members at the Annual Meeting.

The current Board consists of:

Claire Sterling

William Nimmo
Tigers in America

Shelly Thompson
Maddie's Fund

Membership Coordinator
Louisa McCune
Kirkpatrick Foundation

Other Members
Patricia Calfee
Baton Rouge Area Foundation

Lindsay Del Chiaro
PetSmart Charities

Andrew Rowan
Edith J. Goode Residuary Trust

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